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Center of Gravity Early Childhood Education

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2702 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94553

(855) 323-7836

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STEM Early Education School

A diverse and committed group of families, educators, researchers and community members - all dedicated to creating a learning space and place that has NEVER existed before: an Early Education Learning Lab, centered around the core philosophies of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).

At the CENTER OF GRAVITY, we cultivate children's natural curiosity and instinct to research, understand and re-create the world around them; exploring complex relationships and connections through:

Hands-on Play Cooperation & Negotiation Exploration Experimentation Prototypes & Design

CORE VALUES Diversity & Inclusion Democracy & Civic Debate Projects & Presentation

CORE INSTRUCTIONAL TENETS Reggio Emilia Inspired Early STEM & Balanced Literacy Focus Complex Play & Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Design Thinking & Project Based Learning (PBL) Developmentally, Culturally & Linguistically Responsive (DCLR)