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Martinez Crossfit

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725 Ward Streets Suite H
Martinez, CA 94553

(925) 586-3108

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Founded 2014

We are a supportive and non competitive gym with a community atmosphere. Our athletes accomplish daily WOD's that are constantly varied, functional movements that are performed at a high intensity to become the healthiest versions of themselves.


Martinez Crossfit has changed my life for the best! I've been a member since before it was Martinez Crossfit and every time I go to workout, my experience is better than the last. Hard work, supportive trainer, and amazing people by your side makes the workouts seem not so bad! 110% recommend this place to anyone and every one looking for somewhere to work out!

October 07, 2015

I have been a member of Martinez Crossfit for almost a year now. I started 8 weeks after I had my son. I gained 50 pounds in my pregnancy and was severely out of shape. There were many days and nights I questioned if I could do Crossfit because I was worried I wasn't in the shape for it, but Coach Ralphie never let me get discouraged. He gave me the support I needed to push myself harder everyday. I have lost 35 pounds and gained some serious tone and agility in my body as well as the stamina to endure the workouts. I have emersed myself into the Crossfit culture and i look forward to going to the gym every day! Not only is Ralphie the best, but our members are the best! We are one big family full of support and love for one another. I have made some awesome friends since starting at Martinez Crossfit. So if you feel scared or apprehensive to try it, I strongly urge you to push past it because I think you would fall in love with it and the gym just like I did.

October 07, 2015

Was brand new to cross fit when I joined back in February of 2014. Martinez Crossfit is a very welcoming box and suitable for all fitness levels. Ralphie takes great care with all of his athletes and does a great deal of teaching about the proper form for lifts and maneuvers.

October 07, 2015