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Julie Says

Jan 01, 2021 08:51PM ● By Julie Ross

Julie Ross

The 2021 Datebook


We’re all familiar with the expression “Hindsight is 20/20,” which means it’s easier to see and evaluate situations clearly when we’re looking back on them. Really not true with the year 2020, though, right? Too complicated trying to form a clear picture of that tragic mess of a year.


But at least 2020 is finally in our past and better days are on the horizon. Hope appeared at my house a few days ago with the delivery of my 2021 datebook. I order one every year, and soon after it arrives, I go through the old version to page through the memories, good and not-so-good. Looking back at 2020, I have to say there were some highlights, but so sad to see all of the cancelations and cross-outs from mid-March onward. I’m hoping to resurrect some trips and plans and jot down some dates in my new 2021 book – at least in the second half of the year, when the worst fallout from Covid-19 should be behind us.


I am truly sorry that one monthly calendar entry I will not be making is the deadline to submit my column to The Community Focus. The pandemic is taking away some of the best of our local businesses, and with the Focus shutting down, we will be without yet another small pleasure.


Kudos to publishers Elena, Becky, and Jennifer for keeping the paper running strong and bringing our community closer for the past decade-plus. I’ll miss their enthusiasm. I’ll also miss the input and comments I’ve received from readers over the years. Thank you.


I’m eager to fill those fresh new 2021 datebook pages with fun and fulfillment. Here’s to brighter days ahead for all of us in our local communities and beyond.


Happy New Year!