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Pleasant Hill Mayor's Message

Dec 01, 2020 09:16AM ● By Matthew Rinn

Thank you, 2020     

While 2020 was not the year any of us wanted, it has restored my faith in our community and in humanity overall. If you spend much time on social media or watch the news, you may question the faith in humanity part, but I have seen Pleasant Hill residents rally and do what we can to support one another and get through this challenging year together.

Starting in early March, when the shelter in place orders first came out, people have checked on their neighbors to make sure they were ok and offered to get much-needed supplies for those who could not venture out. A special shout out to Jason at Grocery Outlet, whose daily social media videos helped calm some of the early panic around grocery shopping.

Residents who work in industries that were classified as essential were often faced with long hours and stressful situations to perform their jobs. Businesses were either shut down or forced to modify their operations and, in many cases, had to reinvent themselves on the fly. Some residents faced layoffs, while others were suddenly working from home, which presents its own set of challenges. I don’t think there was one Zoom meeting where I didn’t hear a dog barking or other sounds of home life. Our kids in school suddenly went to distance learning. Kudos to all the teachers who are doing the best they can while learning new systems and engaging their students remotely.

 I could keep describing all kinds of scenarios, but the over-arching theme is that throughout all this, people kept going above and beyond for others and showed that we do care about each other in this community. I know the stress and anxiety is a challenge from day to day, and yet we carry on knowing this will get better. As I write this, the governor has placed Contra Costa County back into the purple tier and declared a curfew for non-essential activities again. I have full confidence in Pleasant Hill -- we will get through this latest period together again.

On December 7, my term as mayor will be over, and the city will swear in a new mayor. I want to thank you all for your support during my year as mayor and wish my successor the best. I look forward to serving as your councilmember for the next four years. Love to all.