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A Tireless and Devoted Volunteer Retires. Thank you Jeff!

A Tireless and Devoted Volunteer Retires

College Park Shares their Gratitude for Years of Dedication and Service


Jeff Eide was the perpetual school volunteer. He served as a yard duty supervisor and classroom dad and was known as the “lunch lady man” at Strandwood Elementary and Pleasant Hill Middle School. Eide took his volunteering to a whole new level when his oldest son started high school. Aside from volunteering in different school programs, he served six years on the CP Athletic Boosters as vice president in 2015 and then as president from 2016-2020. As Eide’s second and last son graduates from CPHS this year, Jeff will retire from his active role as a devoted volunteer.


Being at the realm of CP Athletic Boosters was a big role in itself, but Jeff didn’t stop there. He was visible at every school sport, working with coaches and asking how the boosters could help. CP Athletic Director Jim Keck told us, “He was always on site troubleshooting scoreboard and PA issues at the last minute; coming up with solutions to keep our games in play; insuring our pop ups and tables were at games and events when requested; driving the golf cart from the parking lot to the stadium to help fans with mobility issues to see the games; manning almost every snack shack at the stadium; helping coaches with questions about the boosters and team websites; and assisting coaches with uniform inventory when needed.”


Here are some results of Eide’s leadership at CPHS:


  • Ipad point of sale system for snack shack 
  • Helped CP get its 2nd golf cart and set up a maintenance schedule
  • New softball scoreboard
  • Stadium sideline shelters and new benches
  • Swimming aquatics mural
  • Helped push for new gym hoists in the main gym
  • Funded glass backboards in the small gym
  • Helped obtain storage containers for teams at the stadium
  • Acquired a new shot put throwing area
  • Tara O’Sullivan Memorial


In April, after receiving the final word regarding school closures, Jeff shared his sentiments on Facebook: “After 15 years working and volunteering in the MDUSD, this has been my final year. Like our seniors, I too looked forward to celebrating the culmination of years of work, but it was not to be. I have a few obligations that will bring me back to the campus, but it is generally time to move on. Being actively engaged not only with my children but a ton of others and watching them grow from kindergarteners to high school seniors and beyond has left me with a lifetime of friends and memories. It truly has been an enjoyable ride.


I sympathize with all the seniors that lost their last year of spring sports and so much more. While graduation and Grad Night might or might not happen, these events are not what defines them. They haven’t been working these last four years for a ceremony or particular event; they have been getting ready for the next chapter of their life, and that starts now. 


As Henry David Thoreau said, ‘Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.’ Good luck seniors. Your future awaits.”

“I would like to recognize Jeff for his tireless efforts to make the athletic experience for all of our kids a positive one. Jeff is someone who has led by example. His presences on campus and willingness to get his hands dirty (fixing the golf carts or assembling soccer goals) have been an invaluable asset to the athletic program and me. He leaves our athletic program and boosters with numerous improvements since he came in six years ago. Thank you, Jeff!

~Jim Keck, CP Athletic Director


“Your leadership and humility is always obvious. You never want credit or recognition and are always there to support in so many things. Congratulations on the next stage of your life.”

~ Joe Alvarez, CP Principal


“To try to encapsulate Jeff in an article, where we must be brief and to the point, might fail to actually convey all of who he is and all of what he does. I thought of listing all that I've seen him do for our soccer program, from running extension cords to assembling our new goals, from selling banner space to hosting team gatherings, from setting up senior night festivities to setting up our shelters. But the list would be too long and it would only cover soccer. What I've seen him do to help in all areas of our school is truly remarkable. What he chooses to do with his time is admirable. If the value of life is measured by the lives we touch and the differences we make, my friend Jeff Eide is leading an amazing life!”

~Ernesto Silva, boys soccer head coach

“Jeff is one of my favorite people on the College Park campus. He helped the softball program get our new scoreboard, and he was constantly trying to help bring in new ideas to better the program. It was always fun helping Jeff on projects because his sense of humor never made it feel like we had a ‘job to get done.’ Even while having fun when working on projects, he always found a way to teach us something new. Jeff’s dedication to the students of College Park was evident in everything he did. We always knew he wasn’t there for himself; he was there for us.”

~Chloe van Boekhout, student and athlete 


“Jeff is the invisible 6th man for me. He is behind the scenes making things happen that nobody knows about. He is always there cheering everyone on and just wants the best for every athlete along with the school. He will be truly missed.”

~ Ajsha Pullin, basketball parent