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Happy 100th Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

By Patty Wheatley


We welcome a new centenarian to our community! Ellen Berniece Coe, born Ellen Berniece Gabriel on March 21, 1920, in Astoria, Oregon, and will celebrate her 100th birthday with friends and family at Scotts Seafood Restaurant in Walnut Creek.


Ellen’s father was an ironworker who worked on bridges, so the family moved around a lot. They wound up in Walnut Creek, and she took the train to Mt. Diablo High School. When she married Robert Coe, they vowed to keep their children from having to move, and true to her word, she has lived in same house in Pacheco since 1955. She is most proud of having raised five hardworking sons. (The youngest is 68.)


Ellen says the secret to her longevity and good health is her trust in Jesus. She stays young by keeping a positive attitude and maintaining friendships. She and her group of friends go out almost every Friday night for social activities and dinner.  


The highlights of her life are hard to limit but include getting married, having children, watching their successes, and so much more. One of her favorite memories is when her youngest son, Doug, took her to Lake Louise in 2010. She feels blessed to be living in her own home and drives herself to church every Sunday. What an amazing example of how life can be lived. Happy birthday, Ellen Berniece!