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Principal’s Corner

Jan 30, 2020 12:10AM ● By Joe Alvarez

Principal’s Corner

By Joe Alvarez



Dear Falcon Community,


Thank you so very much for your ongoing support, from updating our garden to providing PTSA (10K!) monetary assistance, which goes directly into our students’ classrooms. I hope you join me for the open house on February 20 and see for yourself what fantastic faculty and course offerings we have. The annual parent night showcases our multi-cultural show on February 24 and is another great and fun way to see our diverse and rich student body. As always, please visit our school website for more information.


Spring athletics began on February 10 and we have the highest number of students participating at this time. Please come out to any sport and support our community. All schedules and information can be found at


Tara O’Sullivan is a 2006 graduate who was killed in the line of duty while serving the Sacramento Police Department. Thank you to our MDUSD maintenance and operations department as well as our very own athletic director, Jim Keck, and athletics booster president, Jeff Eide, who personally worked and ensured this memorial area was put into place. We will be holding a memorial service soon. Falcon up!


Everything we do at College Park High School dramatically impacts the lives of our future every day. Service with kindness is how I embrace all my interactions with both adults and students on campus, by questioning to clarify and finding common ground to best support. When I first heard of the passing of Kobe Bryant and the other eight passengers on board the helicopter that took their lives, I was in pure and utter shock. I thought of his countless hours in the gym to prepare himself to be the best in his sport and provide his best effort to each contest. None of us knows when our last day will be, but we must approach each day with a sense of purpose, without fear but with faith in our intentions and the good we do.





Joe Alvarez