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Ryan Joseph Returns to College Park

Ryan Joseph addresses the crowd along with Athletic Director Jim Keck.

Ryan Joseph is Back!


College Park senior Ryan Joseph suffered a spinal cord injury at a wrestling match two years ago that left him paralyzed from the neck down, but he has returned and is attending school! He spent the last two years in Colorado rehabilitating at Craig Hospital. Ryan, a resilient young man with amazing determination, has been able to take some steps with assistance. He has defied all odds and has made incredible strides. 


Ryan attended this year’s wrestling tournament, the same one where he was injured, to watch his sister compete and address the crowd: “I just can’t thank everybody here enough for all of the help you have given me and my family.” Members of College Park Choir came to sing the national anthem and Ryan stood to join them.


Help Ryan Walk Again

Now that Ryan has returned home, he faces new obstacles. His father writes, “Our home accessibility renovations are the product of love and generosity, but important work remains and Ryan struggles in the unfinished spaces. Meanwhile, he is striving to walk again on his own without the assistance of a hospital therapy team.”


The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation has published the average yearly health care costs and living expenses for Ryan’s type of injury and they are estimated at $1,064,716 for the first year and $184,891 for each following year. Health insurance has generously covered hospital expenses, but there is so much they do not cover. To help Ryan with his goal, please consider donating. Search “Help Ryan Joseph Walk Again” at