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Dec 01, 2019 08:50AM ● By Teri Norbye



Meet Julie Marietti. She lives in Martinez and has two daughters with her husband, Frank. Julie does business development for a small business in Pleasant Hill called Fresh Maintenance and Janitorial Services.


What are your Christmas traditions?I come from a traditional Mexican, Catholic family. We would stay up and make tamales, then go to midnight mass. We’d come home and the whole house would smell like tamales. Then we’d open up our presents before eating. My husband is half Russian, so now we have Russian cuisine for Christmas. 

More about Julie:


1. I was born in LA and have eight siblings. Thirty-five years ago, I made the decision to move here and don’t have any regrets because the quality of life here is better.

2. My parents are getting older. They’re 90 and live in LA, so I go down there a lot more now to visit them. I wish I could spend more time with them. That’s been challenging. 

4. “Work hard, play harder” is my motto. I’m always busy, either doing fun things like bocce ball or Jazzercise or traveling to LA to see my family.

5. At this time of year, I’m very thankful for my family, friends, and faith.