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Real Estate: Sell During The Holidays?

Nov 13, 2019 10:06PM ● By Norma Flaskerud

Real Estate: Sell During The Holidays?


As we head into winter holidays, you may wonder if you must wait until spring to sell your house. You may assume that selling a home in the holidays is stressful and unproductive, that you cannot decorate, that all home sales happen in summer, or that every buyer is out of town traveling and not bothering to look until spring. These concerns were true in years past, but the way real estate is conducted and the way consumers buy homes has shifted dramatically in recent years. 


10 examples of why is it ok to list and sell during the holidays and why it can be stress free.


1. The growth of international buyersThese buyers do not observe the same calendar of events as most Americans. We have seen foreign buyers not worry about American holidays when they schedule their house hunt.

2. American Homeowner Mobility Continues to IncreaseOccupations change, companies relocate more often, technology changes create boom scenarios, making one region after another flush with jobs, and home buyers in the business sector move at any point in the year and buy a home fairly quickly.

3. Seller Competition is Lighter During the HolidaysBecause so many sellers are old school and take the home off the market for the holidays, the competition is light, and those on the market are in a unique position of power because of the scarcity of comparable homes.

4. Holiday Home Shoppers Are More MotivatedThese are the kind of buyers sellers dream about! They want to move right away and are ready to buy as soon as the right home shows up!

5. Internet Searches During the Holidays SurgeAs weather gets worse, people rely on photos online to home search. So, to be found and seen, your house must be there. Many people enjoy time off and use that time to search for a new home.

6. If You Are Traveling, It’s EasyYou leave town and your Realtor is in charge. Plus, there are showings. People dropping by to see your house when you are not there makes for an easy showing, and having your house checked on is a bonus.

7. You Don’t Have to Take Any Calls You Don’t Want ToYou can lay out the rules. Only want texts? No problem. Only want your Realtor to call you between 3-5pm? Just say so. You will not be inundated with 24/7 calls; it’s not like that.

8. You Can Have a Daily Showing ScheduleWhile the more your home is availablethe better it is for buyers, it is understandable you want to limit showings during special times during the holidays. That is easily arranged by your Realtor; just let her know.

9. You Can Create Blackout DatesExpecting relations to visit for a week? Make it “no showings” that week. Meanwhile, you are still on the MLS, still advertising online, and still able to enjoy your nice family get together, just as you would in any holiday season.

10. Holiday Decorations?Just go for it! While it helps if they look good, they are rarely deal breakers. Using some constraint might help impress your buyers a bit more. Sometimes less is more, especially when selling a house!


We hope this article helps you decide to sell this year should your circumstances lead down that path; it’s all good! Contact The Flaskerud Team: 925-338-2980 [email protected][email protected]or 925-381-7276