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Mind, Body, Taxes and Gratitude By Dena Betti

Dena Betti

Mind, Body, Taxes and Gratitude By Dena Betti


It’s that time of year again when we all have one thing in common…and no, it’s not the common cold…it’s taxes! But much like the common cold, the headaches surrounding April 15 can wreak havoc on our minds and body.   


I recently sat down with Jennifer Jost, a money coach and wealth advisor. It was fascinating to hear her spin on taxes. She asked me, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could say ‘April 15’and feel joy instead of stress?” I said, “Well sure, but aren’t some things just inherently painful?” Flashing pictures of root canals and mortgage payments began to dance in my head. “Ugh…just the thought of taxes had my thoughts ablaze.”  


Jennifer looked at me with an understanding nod and said, “Yes, but it is possible to view Tax Day differently! As you well know, we do have some control over our thoughts. But to an untrained mind, we make decisions from this stressful place and cut off our ability to see things in different ways.” I said, “You are now talking my talk.” I work on my mindset daily, but translating that concept to good ole Uncle Sam unearthed a blind spot within me. She had my attention. Jennifer went on to explain that our thoughts around money contain energy, and that which is likened to it attracts its equal. So when our mindset around money is strewn in a myriad of stressful emotions like worry, fear and anger, all we are doing is inviting more of those negative emotions into our minds. She said that shifting our mindset around Tax Day and money isn’t as hard as it may seem.


She was sure to give the disclaimer that we need not agree on how every tax dollar is spent but rather acknowledge the system of support and positive infrastructure that serves us. Jennifer shared, “I have friends that work for the State of California and the Federal Government. When I pay taxes, that helps pay their paychecks and support their families. That makes me feel great.”


She continued, “When we pay taxes, we are keeping government employees from the unemployment line. So when I have a tax bill, I think about how I am actually helping children go to school and have school supplies. And since my favorite thing is a glazed donut, I’m actually helping families bring glazed donuts home somewhere. I'm sure of it!” Jennifer let out a little chuckle, and I began to smile and laugh too.


Jennifer turned serious once more and looked at me with her calm, beautiful blue eyes. With her final words of wisdom she said, “We get to tell our minds what to focus on. I think about how I would never pay taxes if I weren’t making money, and I love making money! I love how having money allows me to have experiences with my friends and family. I'm grateful I get to be a part of this amazing state and, yes, I’m paying for this beautiful sunshine and this amazing country that gives me the right to choose who I want to be. For all of this, I am grateful.”


There it was...the paradigm shift! Habits to happiness come in many different forms. This month it comes in the form of gratitude. For a complimentary money breakthrough session with Jennifer Jost,, use promo code STYK.  


Dena Betti is a graduate from the University of San Francisco, executive director of #hersmile Nonprofit, and a certified life coach. Limited personal coaching slots available or sign-up for a Habits to Happiness workshop, visit