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Small Talk With Teri

Mar 03, 2019 04:43PM ● By Teri Norbye

Small Talk With Teri

By Teri Norbye


Meet Martin Rollinson who lives in Pleasant Hill and has been the owner of Rollinson Advertising Design, an advertising marketing business, since 1990. Martin specializes in small and medium start-up companies. “I originally wanted to be an illustrator for magazines, but once I found that clients would change my artwork, I went into graphic design instead.”


What are your hobbies? I collect and restore vintage pinball machines. I find old games that nobody wants and don’t work and I fix and restore them, making them look brand new. And then I either keep them or sell them, so they always go to a good home. I love figuring out what’s wrong with them.


More About Martin:

1. I’m originally from Iowa. My whole family moved to California because of the harsh winters.

2. I had my own weekly comic strip in my high school newspaper. Art has always been my passion.

3. On the weekends, in the spring and summer months, I like to go on three-hour bike rides. I usually go on the Iron Horse Trail to Danville and back.  

4. My biggest business thrill is making my clients successful.

5. My motto in life is “Integrity and loyalty.”