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Take a Moment to Reflect

Jan 08, 2019 08:31PM ● By Colleen Callahan

Colleen Callahan

Take a Moment

On the Wednesday before Christmas, the stress was mounting. The tree had been up for days with only lights while the ornaments were still neatly wrapped in boxes on the floor! Year-end is a tough time in our business; it is like tax season for CPAs. We have deadlines for individuals, Medicare, and group clients. Benefits change and employees need updates.

It would be easy to regale you with tales of client challenges, but three things stand out. First, there was a client that emailed, “You are the best!” because I had helped him search for resources for his elderly parents. Second, there was a client who had health challenges this year but managed to bake fresh loaves of holiday bread and deliver them to us with a smile and a warm thanks. Finally, when I arrived home mid-day to nurse a lingering cold, our 90 year-old neighbor was standing on our front walk, sweeping the leaves that had fallen from our tree! He swept our walkway, driveway, and the front of our house and then moved on to the next neighbor. He explained as I stood there in awe that he was following a suggestion from his church to do something nice for a neighbor. When I tried to help, he insisted he do it alone.  He looked at me and said, “It does me no harm to do something nice for someone else. I am so fortunate to have what I have.”

During the craziness of the season, I feel so blessed and am reminded to take a moment to reflect on what we have around us. Sometimes we forget to focus on the good.

Happy New Year!  For those of you on Medicare Advantage plans, welcome to the annual disenrollment period. If you are unhappy or would like to return to original Medicare, now is the time.

Colleen Callahan, CLU, CASL, LUTCF

Contact me at [email protected]or 925-363-5433