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College Park Principal's Corner

Jan 08, 2019 08:26PM ● By Joe Alvarez

Using “Hero” to reward positive behavior and implement school policies.

As we end our fall 2018 semester, I’d like to talk about some new things in the upcoming spring semester. Our three main goals for this year pertain to school culture, curriculum & instruction, and technology infused learning.

Hero is here!! am excited to roll out a new system where students can earn points for making positive behavior choices. Points can be redeemed for rewardslike CP swag, front-of-the-line passes, free lunch for students and their friends, and even discounted prom and ball tickets. Behaviors that earn Hero points include having I.D. when asked for it, being on time to class, and demonstrating courage, pride, honor and sacrifice in the classroom and around campus.Any staff member can scan a student’s I.D. card and teachers can award points right in class. In the future, students can even be awarded points for attending school athletic events, performing art performances, dances, and more.

Finally, we are implementing a new tardy policy through the use of Hero. Once the bell rings, teachers will close and locktheir doors. When a student is tardy to class, a campus administrator or staff member will scan their I.D. and print tardy passes so they go to class. Campus administrators will be located in front of A-hall to issue passes to students entering from the main gates.


Each time a student’s I.D. is scanned, it will be logged in their Hero accountand an email will be sent home. Tardies will no longer reset each quarterbut rather reset each semester. Be on time to class! 


Remember, Falcons, Hero is here to help students keep doing what is right, so let’s continue to have fun with the new system, rack up Hero points, get free stuff, and continue to have the heart of a Falcon.


Our curriculum supports staff in implementing avariety of high-impact instructional strategies that are purposefully selected to meet identified students’ needs, promote content and academic literacies, and foster the attainment of grade-level standards. Focused note taking is a five-phase process that includes: 1. Taking notes (creating the notes), 2. Processing notes (thinking about the notes), 3. Connecting thinking (thinking beyond the notes), 4. Summarizing and reflecting on learning (thinking about the notes as a whole), and 5. Applying learning (using the notes).

The staff of College Park High School continues to strive to implement a strong plan of action that will help ensure students have four strong years of learning, both academically and socio-emotionally.