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A Spin on DIY

Jan 08, 2019 08:08PM ● By Rebecca Seidenspinner

A Spin on DIY

Crafting Workshops


     Have you ever heard the saying “Why buy it when you can make it with one thousand, five hundred and twenty-two dollars with craft supplies?” This is true sometimes with craft projects. Supplies can add up and crafts can get expensive and messy. What if you spend a ton of money on craft supplies and then your project doesn’t turn out as you expected? You might be disappointed. But what if you could attend a DIY workshop with an instructor who guided you through each step and the end result was AMAZING? I want to share with you a few local businesses that offer DIY workshops that will step up your crafting game. 

     The first workshop I am dying to attend is held by Angel Blackshere of Angels Petals. Angel was born and raised in Martinez and runs a flower business out of a backyard studio. She is a talented florist and makes floral arrangements for weddings and events all over the Bay Area. She recently made me some flower crowns for my daughter’s promotion and a beautiful flower crown for a special bride-to-be. I saw that she was hosting DIY wreath workshops locally in a friend’s backyard. The cost of the wreath workshop was $60, including all the materials, sips and snacks. Did I mention that I love snacks?  Each wreath was unique, and she says everyone got so creative that even those who weren’t that confident in the beginning ended up SO happy with the end result. The fresh scented pine and holly berry wreath is my absolute favorite. In the future, Angel would like to host some other workshops, including flower arrangements and flower crowns. Check out her website at or follow her on Instagram or Facebook at Angelspetals.

     The next craft workshop you are going to want to sign up for is a wooden sign workshop. Trust me. This is all the rage right now. This DIY shop is located in downtown Walnut Creek and is called Board and Brush Creative Studio. They have over 100 wooden sign options to choose from. You can customize your favorite sign. To schedule a DIY workshop, go online in advance and they will prepare the craft materials specific to your project’s needs. You walk in and everything is ready for you. Easy peasy. Invite family and friends and make it a fun night out with crafts. They also have wine and snacks available for purchase. The cost is $65 for any project. Check out their website at or visit their studio at 1389 North Main Street in Walnut Creek. They are located in the back alley of the building.

     I love all kinds of crafts, but unfortunately, I am not good at everything. Sometimes I might even need a little help from a professional. I enjoy going out and being social and crafting with friends, and I love that I don’t have to clean up any of the mess. I can’t wait to attend both of these local workshops. Until next time… Rebecca