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Small Talk with Teri

Nov 07, 2018 09:09PM ● By Teri Norbye

Bruce Brophy


By Teri Norbye

Meet Bruce Brophy, who lives in Martinez with his wife, Tori. They have two kids: Evan, who’s in high school, and Kiersten, who’s in college. Bruce is the guitar player for The Big Jangle, a Tom Petty tribute band. He also plays acoustic guitar with local musicians Dan DeShara, John Schuman, and Paul Trombetta. And he’s in another band called Fog 5, which was originally named Who’s Your Daddy. 


What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome? I used to be really shy as a kid, and in high school, I barely even talked to people. Performing music helped. It’s like you have to turn on something that’s not normally a part of you. 


More About Bruce:

1. I’m allergic to eggs. When I have them, I can still breathe -- I just can’t swallow very well. 


2. I started playing the guitar in high school; it helped me through my parents’ separation.


3. I wanted to be an artist, painting and figure drawing. I moved to Seattle with Tori after finishing college to pursue the art scene, but I didn’t fit in there. I saw an ad in the local paper, and they were looking for a guitar player, so I started doing that instead.