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Is That Blood in Your Smile? By Hazel C. Panaligan, RDH

Parkway Smiles Staff

Is That Blood in Your Smile?

By Hazel C. Panaligan, RDH

It’s that time of the year when folks put on costumes and wear zombie make-up and vampire teeth. While a bloody smile and swollen gums might be the perfect frightening look for Halloween, it is hardly fashionable all year-round.

Do your gums bleed? Bleeding gums can be one of the signs of starting or progressing gum disease. All of us have bacteria residing in our mouths, both the good and the bad kind. There are different kinds of bad bacteria; some cause gum disease and some cause tooth decay, but they all feed on what we leave on our teeth, and when they excrete, it all happens in our mouths. Plaque is what we call the by-product of bacteria. If we don’t brush and floss regularly, these pathogenic bacteria increase in number and plaque builds up rapidly along the gums or in between the teeth. When oral hygiene is poor, the irritants cause the gums to bleed, get swollen, and emit bad odor. In addition, these bacteria can be transferred from one person to another. Make sure your loved ones maintain good oral health!

Regular dental exams and professional cleanings, together with optimal personal oral hygiene, are essential in minimizing the risk of progression of gum disease. What goes on in our mouths affects our general health. The better our oral health, the less bacteria load our body has to fight off.

We hope that reading this article has motivated you to think about your oral wellness. We at Parkway Smiles Dental encourage everyone to aim for a healthier life through a healthier smile!

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