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Amit is One to Watch

Amit Elor taking Gold at Pan America Championships

Amit is One to Watch


High school freshman Amit Elor brought home the gold medal at the 15U Pan American Championships in Mexico. She won by technical superiority 10-0 in the finals over her opponent from Mexico.


Amit Elor became interested in wrestling when her older siblings, Ronny and Orry, started wrestling at College Park High School. At the time, she was only four years old.  “Seeing how they moved on the mat like superheroes inspired me to join them. I liked to watch their practices and pretended to do wrestling moves. Eventually, I begged my mom to let me start wrestling too,” explained Elor.


When Amit first started wrestling, she was the only girl on the mat. Many wrestlers didn’t want to partner with her, and some coaches didn’t want her there. She tells Bill X. Barron of RNM Events, “It was awkward and made me feel like an outsider. Refusing to give up, however, I learned to deal with rejection by developing a thick skin and standing up for myself.” She credits her Pleasant Hill coaches, Casey Strand from Bay Area Titans Club and Coach Cesar Gracie from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, with making her a better wrestler, matching her with good partners, and introducing her to Jui-Jitsu.  


Amit has trained internationally with the goal of becoming an Olympic gold medalist and world champion along with helping grow the sport of women’s and girls’ wrestling.