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Smal Talk with Teri and Sue Noack

Sep 30, 2018 09:04PM ● By Teri Norbye

Sue Noack


by Teri Norbye

Meet Sue Noack, who lives in Pleasant Hill with her husband, Charlie, and her son, Will. She is a councilmember of Pleasant Hill and is currently running for re-election. Sue was the mayor of Pleasant Hill in 2016.

What is the biggest challenge in your life? I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for 30 years. I wear an insulin pump that is attached to my body 24 hours a day and gives me insulin. The hardest part of being a diabetic is that it never goes away; you always have to think about it. The silver lining is that I feel that I’m healthier because I have to pay attention to my health more.

Fun facts about Sue:

1. My mother’s Dutch. She came over here at 25 to be an au pair and met my dad. Her side of the family lives in Holland, so I go back there frequently.

2. My family nickname is “dude.” When I hear someone say, “Hey dude,” I always turn around.

3. I was a serious gymnast for six years. I had to stop in 9th grade because I got too tall.

4. Anytime I’m stressed, I go to the water. I draw my strength from it.