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Spin on DIY

Sep 01, 2018 10:52AM ● By Rebecca Seidenspinner

Rebecca Seidenspinner

I had a really busy summer with work and the kids and didn’t really get to tackle all of my projects around the house. I was too busy spreading kindness in the world. This summer, the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District asked me to lead a weeklong volunteer camp called the Good Vibe Tribe. What is a Good Vibe Tribe you may ask? It is a group of teens that go out and volunteer for a week at various locations in our community. This group of teens was amazing. The first day we headed over to the Pleasant Hill Senior Center. Did you know they serve discounted meals? We decorated the tables with flowers and notes of inspiration, cleaned up, and waited for the food delivery. When the food arrived, we served about thirty-five seniors lunch. It was wonderful to see how happy the seniors were to have company and their interaction with the kids. They asked if we were coming back all week. What a fun day!

     On Tuesday, we headed over to the Oakland Zoo where we learned about different habitats of  zoo animals. We pulled weeds and worked closely with one of the zoo’s landscape specialists. It was hard work! After we were done working, we were able to enjoy the zoo animals and spend the day together. The next day, we volunteered locally at the Pleasant Hill Instructional Garden. We learned all about compost. The Good Vibe Tribe harvested all of the new soil and spread it around the plants in the garden. There were only a few hundred bugs, and we encountered a beehive, which led to lots of screaming and running. Buzzzz. This work was exhausting, and I never heard one complaint. On Thursday, we went to Canyon Creek where we tested the water in the creek. This creek is home to so much wildlife. We saw birds, fish, tadpoles, and crawdads. We took off our shoes and tried to catch a few crawdads for fun, with no luck. We should have brought hot dogs and string like I used to use as a kid. We pulled weeds in the creek, cleaned up trash, and found a blackberry bush to feast on.

     We finished up our week of good deeds in the world by volunteering on Friday at the Monument Crisis Center. The Monument Crisis Center has so many wonderful programs that support families and seniors. We served lunch to over one hundred seniors during their Senior Moments Program. This is a once-a-month program where seniors can come get a  box of food, have lunch, and enjoy a game of Bingo with prizes. Some of the prizes are simple things like laundry soap and toiletries. The kids noticed how excited these small prizes made the seniors and how we sometimes might take having these basic necessities for granted.

     This week of good deeds with the Good Vibe Tribe was a wonderful learning experience. Each day, we went out in the world with the intent to spread kindness and make an impact on the world. We had fun together and made new friendships. I am so proud of the eight members of the Good Vibe Tribe and hope we can reunite next summer to spread more good vibes. I challenge you to be a part of the Good Vibe Tribe everyday. Do great things with kindness.