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Document Shredding Fundraiser for the Cancer Support Community

Document Shredding Fundraiser for the Cancer Support Community

By Jewel Johl, MD


One of the most valuable resources in our community for cancer patients and their families is the Cancer Support Community in Walnut Creek.  For over 15 years, my colleagues and I at Diablo Valley Oncology have referred our patients, friends, and loved ones to the Cancer Support Community. This organization provides services that include counseling, support groups, nutrition classes, exercise, and patient education programs, all free of charge. 


In the practice of oncology, we see patients who are enduring physical and emotional stress caused by cancer.  While the focus of oncologists is to eradicate cancer, we always take into account the condition of the patient’s body and mind. From the time of diagnosis to after completion of treatment, psychosocial support is always recommended for the patient, their family members, and caregivers.


I feel the people and programing at the Cancer Support Community enable cancer patients to achieve an improved quality of life. All of their programs and services are evidence-based to positively impact cancer treatment outcomes and/or immune system functioning, and they are all delivered by professionals who are licensed or certified in their area of expertise.


On July 14, Diablo Valley Oncology will host our annual document shredding fundraiser in the parking lot of our cancer center. All proceeds go to the Cancer Support Community.  Bring old tax returns, bills, business records, bank statements, and other documents containing personal information to our event (no X-rays or film, please) and make a charitable donation to Cancer Support Community. All of your documents will be shredded on site by a certified shredding company, 11-1pm, 400 Taylor Blvd, Pleasant Hill. For questions, call 925-677-5041.

Dr. Johl is a board certified medical oncologist and hematologist with Diablo Valley Oncology & Hematology Medical Group and serves on the board of directors for the Cancer Support Community. To learn more about Dr. Johl and Diablo Valley Oncology, visit