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Sending Off the Grads

Jun 10, 2018 10:42PM ● By Elena Hutslar

Summer Will Be Busy at Alhambra

By Tom Doppe

Graduation is definitely in the air!  These last weeks of school are filled with testing and finals, and there is still much for our students to do, but it is also a time to reflect upon our successes and celebrate all the accomplishments of the year. One of the highlights of the year was on Wednesday, May 30, our Senior Awards Night. Did you know that, annually, the community comes together to award local scholarships to our graduates? Last year, nearly 100 students were recognized and received, in total, over $100,000 in local scholarships from approximately 50 different families, businesses, and community groups, and every year the numbers continue to grow. We welcome all in the community to participate in this Alhambra tradition!  

And, of course, we welcome all in the community as we open the gates to Knowles Field to honor the graduating class of 2018 on June 8 at 7pm.

So, what will be happening around Alhambra this summer with all the students gone? Well, summer is a very busy time in its own right, especially these past few years with all of the projects that have taken place through the support of our bond measures.  This summer is no different.

·             We will be adding about 30 parking spots back in to the lower parking lot.  We lost about the same amount of parking with the construction of the K building.  With relatively minimal redesign of the lower lot, we will be able to get this parking area back, allowing for more students to park on campus next year and more room when we host various events.

·             While we have already started this project, through the summer we will complete the renovation of all classrooms in the F, H, and B buildings! Twenty rooms in all.  While we are not doing anything structural with the rooms or buildings, each room will be thoroughly renovated to be comparable to the new rooms in the K building.  Each room will receive the following: new carpet, repaired texture and freshly painted walls, light filtering window shades, LED light fixtures with a more contemporary valance, new ceiling tiles that complement the modernized room, mobile classroom furniture for students and teachers, top of the line A/V system with 80” TV displays, and integrated audio in the ceiling. These classrooms will benefit all students on campus as they house English, social studies, art, world languages and special education -- classes that all students have at least once in the day. This has all been possible through the support of the community with various bond measures. Our students have truly benefitted.


We can be so proud of our community.  Let’s celebrate the end of the school year together. Go Dogs!