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DIY with a Spin

Jun 10, 2018 09:17PM ● By Rebecca Seidenspinner

 The month of June is upon us and with that comes the end of the school year. Kids are moving up from from preschool, elementary school, and middle school, there are high school graduations, and then maybe college. Then, on to life as an adult.  We are always encouraging our children with each milestone in their lives and all of their achievements. We love to watch them succeed as they move on to the next grade level. I like to document everything with a photo, and just like the first day of school picture, I also take a last day of school picture so I can see how much they have grown over the past year.


I will be making candy leis for all of my favorite graduates this year. The definition of a lei is a garland or wreath, and in the Hawaiian culture it is known as a wreath of flowers presented upon arriving or leaving as a symbol of affection. As we celebrate the end of a successful year and the arrival of a new grade or school, a candy lei is the perfect DIY project.


Let me share these simple steps on making a candy lei for your graduate. You will need:


1.         Snack size candy bars or small packages of candy

2.         A roll of Saran Wrap

3.         Ribbon and tulle in the colors of your choice or the school’s colors


Roll out the Saran Wrap the length of your dining room table and place the candy along the edge with about a half an inch space in between. Gently roll the Saran Wrap so the candy is in the middle and is wrapped up, looking kind of like a snake. Unroll the tulle the length of the dining room table and roll it up the same way with the candy inside. Once it is all rolled up, tie ribbons tightly in between each piece of candy. Depending on the size of your table, this can make one or two candy leis. Just cut it in half and tie at the two ends and it’s done. It’s ready to be given away as a sign of love and continued success.


Every year on the last day of preschool, I like to give my class a little present to say goodbye, and this year it’s a snack that says it all: O”fish”ally Summer!