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Small Talk with Teri

Feb 07, 2018 12:16PM ● By Teri Norbye

Small Talk with Teri

By Teri Norbye

Meet James and Melodee Parker, who live in Martinez and have been together for about 30 years. They both love watching swashbuckling pirate movies. James enjoys fencing and Melodee loves to read.

How did you meet?
Melodee: I took his fencing class at the Pleasant Hill Recreation Center. We spent most of our time together fencing and working at the Northern Renaissance Fair in Novato.
James: It was a love at first sight situation that worked out perfectly. Even though we’re total opposites, we’ve been together happily for 30 years.

How are you total opposites?
Melodee: He’s an extrovert; I’m an introvert. I don’t like watching TV; he likes TV. He likes different types of music.
James: She’s religious; I’m not.

What do you love most about each other?
Melodee: He knows me better than anybody, and we’re respectful of our differences.
James: We don’t argue. We haven’t had an extended argument in 30 years.

Your secret to a good marriage?
Melodee: Just accepting each other’s differences and being okay with that.
James: I like to cook; she likes to eat. I wish I could tell other people how to do it. It’s hard to say. Our marriage just works.


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