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Alhambra High School Principal

Alhambra's Recent Upgrades

By Tom Doppe, Alhambra High School Principal

When we opened the school year, we were eager to show off the brand new K building! You’ve likely seen the building come together over the last couple of years, and perhaps you have even had a chance to walk the building during Back to School Night or other times. The students have been good stewards of the new building, and they have certainly enjoyed many of the features that enhance their learning.

While the K building was the most obvious and significant construction we have had on campus, we are near completion on two other major renovation projects. Opening this week are our newly renovated classrooms in the H building. The first newly renovated room houses our photography program. This room is also an open design and allows for as much student collaboration as possible. One interesting feature is the folding wall that allows students to have a controlled lighting area to learn camera techniques in different conditions. Whether students are learning portraiture, long exposure techniques, or experimenting with light in other ways, we are excited to see how the room and added feature compliments our program.

The second room is an oversized classroom for digital media arts. This large, open space is going to be ideal in giving students the room they need to collaborate and create graphics and designs as part of this career pathway. There is ample space for them to work on the computers as well as various traditional art media. The digital media arts class is also articulated with DVC, which means that students can earn college credit at the end of the year! As always, our digital media class is looking to get real world experiences by collaborating with the community. If you have projects in mind, please contact our teacher Ms. Fuller at [email protected].

And we aren’t done yet! Hopefully, by the next issue, we can also celebrate the opening of our renovated D building and share how we will be putting this great space to use.

As always, thank you for your support, and Go Dogs!

You can reach Principal Doppe at [email protected]