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Bobby Glover Steps In

Recreation & Park District (PHRPD) is pleased to announce that Bobby Glover will
serve as new chair of the board of directors in 2018, succeeding Zac Shess,
district board chair for 2016 and 2017.
“Zac has exceeded my expectations in every way,” Glover said. “During his term,
Shess spearheaded hiring a new district general manager, led the district
through negotiations with Contra Costa County to secure the right to buy five
acres of land on Oak Park, and steered the development and approval of a ten-year
capital improvement plan. He has been an excellent leader, a great
representative of the district, and has set the table for exciting things for the
upcoming year. He will be a tough act to follow.”
The PHRPD District Board selects a board chair each year. This will be the
second time Bobby Glover has served in this leadership position.
As chair, Bobby will lead the district through the master plan process that will
create a roadmap for the future of the organization.
“As a long-time Pleasant Hill resident, Bobby has a vested interest in the
community,” said Michelle Lacy. “He wants to ensure his town continues to be one
of the best places to live in the Bay Area and is dedicated to making life even
better for district residents. Bobby’s passion for his community, strong leadership abilities, and outstanding, down-to-earth communication skills will serve him well as he takes on the board chair position, once again.”
The annual board chair rotation occurred during the board of directors meeting
on Thursday, December 7, 2017. A special presentation was given to honor Board
Chair Zac Shess for his contributions in 2017. District board meetings are open to
the public.