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Dec 06, 2017 12:15PM ● By Julie Ross

By Julie Ross

OK, admit it. During the holiday season, there are times all you really want to do is pull the comforter over your head, drift off, and maybe resurface in the spring. Sadly, the human body’s metabolism is just not set up for prolonged hibernation. For other animal species, the long winter’s nap of hibernation is a must. In last year’s December issue of the Community Focus, I included a winter carol written by my naturalist and author friend Diane Lang that included a surprise reveal about Santa’s reindeer. (To refresh your memory, go to and search for the December 2016 issue.)

Diane has agreed to share another of her winter carols for readers of Community Focus, this one dealing with hibernation. For best results, please sing it out loud to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” 

“Hibernate” by Diane Lang

(Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells” – Ok, everybody now!)

Hibernate, take a nap,

All the winter long.

Find a cozy, hidden place,

And you won’t go wrong.

For a bear, find a cave,

It’s underground for you.

If you are a prairie dog,

You’re safe and out of view.


Little Arctic frogs

Case themselves in ice.

Awake, but under snow

Are little voles and mice.

Bats hang in their caves

Slow their hearts and lungs

‘Til the springtime comes again

And they can have their young.


Hibernate, go to sleep,

Snakes get in a ball.

Tortoise, dig your cozy den

While bees sleep one and all.

Toads stay deep in the mud,

Poorwills, under wing.

Nighty night and please sleep tight

We’ll see you in the spring.

Diane has written dozens of poems and verses designed to teach young and old alike about wildlife and our natural world. She has a new book out, Daytime Nighttime, All Through the Year, which features rhyming verses for one nocturnal and one diurnal animal for each month of the year, along with Andrea Gabriel’s beautiful wildlife watercolors. (This book is a wonderful gift idea for young nature lovers. Parents and teachers, note there is a matching game at the end that kids can play to recall what they’ve learned, plus more detailed information that you or older kids can refer to.)

Happy Holidays to all. Even if we can’t doze all winter, I hope we can sneak in a few shorter versions of the long winter’s nap.

You can reach Julie Ross at [email protected]


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