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Let’s Talk About Breath, Baby

By Hazel Panaligan, R.D.H.

For many people, halitosis and bad breath can be quite embarrassing to bring up, yet the struggle is real. What are the causes of bad breath? Let’s discuss a few.

Most people have encountered bad breath after consuming food with onions and garlic or after waking up in the morning. In this situation, popping breath mints or using mouthwash alone is not enough. Plaque, which is food debris that stays on the teeth and the white coating on your tongue, harbors millions of sugar-loving bacteria that release acidic, foul-smelling gas. Keep their numbers low by practicing good oral hygiene. Regular flossing, effective brushing of teeth, and cleaning the tongue with a tongue scraper help keep this type of bad breath at bay.

Decaying teeth, gingivitis and periodontitis are dental-related diseases that are the leading causes of chronic bad breath. Calcified build-up on teeth or tartar, located underneath the gums, are areas where pathogenic bacteria also live and multiply, causing damage to the bone that surrounds the teeth. They also lead to bleeding gums and teeth mobility and can affect overall health. For situations like these, it is best to get a consultation with your dentist to determine the level of your oral health and what treatment is suitable to address the gum disease. It is important to have regular dental evaluations and cleanings to keep the gum disease under control. 

Other causes of halitosis are smoking and dry mouth resulting from medication side effects. Systemic conditions such as diabetes or sinus, gastric, kidney and liver problems also have an effect on oral health. Make sure to see your physician regularly and keep the conditions under control as well.

We at Parkway Smiles Dental encourage everybody to aim for a healthier life through a healthier and pleasant smelling smile!

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