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#HERSMILE Annual Gala

3rd Annual Twilight Gala Italiano

On November 11, the #HERSMILE Nonprofit, in partnership with the Betti family, hosts its 3rd Annual Twilight Gala Italiano. 14-year-old Jenna Betti was struck and killed by a BNSF train on March 2, 2014. The #HERSMILE Nonprofit was started in honor of all the love and support that was given to the Betti family after the tragic passing of their daughter. To date they have helped more than 60 families who have experienced a tragic loss of a dependent child or the loss of a parent with dependent children. In 2017, they announced a collaboration with the Martinez Unified School District that aims to bring middle school and high school students the Power of the Smile: Resiliency in Youth Program. This program was created to plant the seeds of resiliency in our children so they will have the tools to cope with life's curve balls. It is #HERSMILE Nonprofit’s goal to show that it is possible to have a joyful life despite one’s circumstances. 

In a letter inviting local family, friends, and community members to the November 11 event, Dena Betti writes, “This very special event is in honor of Jenna Betti’s 18th birthday. We invite you to join us in celebrating the gift of love we share with our children and one another during this elegant, high-energy evening. It’s our mission to bring hope, strength, and inspiration to families that have been thrust into the unthinkable loss of a dependent child or a young family who has had to cope with the untimely passing of a parent.”

To purchase a ticket, donate, and/or sponsor the event, go to Twilight Gala Italiano is being held at The Pleasant Hill Senior Center at 633 Gregory Lane in Pleasant Hill. The event is from 6pm to 12am in the Chateau Room. For additional information, contact Dena Betti at [email protected] or (925) 408-3683.