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Innovative Solutions Needed to Serve Veterans

Oct 30, 2017 11:11AM ● By Supervisor Karen Mitchoff
By Karen Mitchoff, County Supervisor

It is no surprise that we live in an era that calls for innovative solutions to address a multitude of global and regional challenges we all face together. After recently witnessing the heroic acts of first responders in the tragic North Bay fires, let’s remember the men and women who have actively fought for the freedom of our country. This year, the Board of Supervisors will hold our annual Veterans Day ceremony on November 7 with the theme of honoring service organizations for veterans. The ceremony begins at 11am at 651 Pine Street in Martinez.

With scarce resources in an ever-changing economy, we need more innovative leveraging of programs and partnerships to serve those who have dedicated their lives to serving us. In Contra Costa County, our Veterans Service Office (VSO) has operated with this framework to offer innovative services, including a monthly program called “Veteran’s Voices,” a collaboration with Contra Costa Television to produce a monthly platform that addresses different topics, including Veterans Treatment Court, caffeine usage in the veteran community, and women veterans sharing their stories. A CalVet grant supplies most of the funding to the program, which began in July of 2014. This is a first-of-its-kind program directed towards informing and assisting the veteran community and is an example of creative leveraging of partnerships. 

The County’s VSO is comprised of an experienced team of Veterans Service Representatives (VSRs) that are trained and accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Our VSRs support for veterans includes assistance with veteran claims and partnering with service organizations such as AMVETS, American Legion, Disabled Veterans of America, and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The most common veteran benefit is health care, but there are several other benefits that the Veterans Service Office assists with, including education benefits, vocational benefits, home loan benefits, and burial benefits, among others.

To connect to the Veteran Service Office,

please visit: or call (925) 313-1481.