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Fall is the Best Time to Plant

Oct 03, 2017 05:33PM ● By Elena Hutslar

This Season Isn't Just for Pumpkins

By Angela Hartman, Ruth Bancroft Gardens

Fall is in full effect! In the midst of pumpkin-spiced everything, cooler weather, and the shedding of leaves, it’s easy to forget that autumn is one of the best times of year to establish plants in your garden or yard. Whether you let your grass die over summer or want to spruce up garden beds, the cooler weather and promise of pending rain gives new plants a much better shot at successful sustenance.

Many people think spring is the best time of year to plant. This is the case for some varieties, but for the majority of California natives and drought tolerant plants, the moister soils of fall allow roots to establish and grow. Take advantage of the small timeframe that fall lends because soggy winter soils are not ideal for fresh plantings. While roots will take hold in fall, there won’t be much action above the ground, but come spring your plants will display their full gratitude.

Planting in the fall is also beneficial for gardeners. You will have to water less frequently as opposed to spring plantings. The softer soil is also much easier to dig in and pull weeds from, saving your back from pain and consuming less of your time.

Take advantage of this wonderful time of year by stocking up on water-wise plants at the Ruth Bancroft Garden’s Nursery. Staff will help you select plants that will work great with your landscape and thrive throughout the fall and seasons to come.