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New "Sharrow" Pavement Marking Implementation

Aug 27, 2017 09:24PM ● By Elena Hutslar

New "Sharrow" Pavement Marking Implementation

As part of the recent citywide street resurfacing project, engineering staff implemented a number of new “shared lane arrow” (or sharrow) pavement markings along various arterials and collector roadways. In the absence of striped bike lanes along a road, sharrow markings are used to indicate to cyclists where they should position themselves along the roadway to maximize visibility to drivers and minimize the potential of being impacted by opening of doors from parked vehicles. Sharrows are also intended to alert drivers of the lateral location of cyclists that may be sharing the roadway and discourage drivers from passing a cyclist when there may not be enough lane width to do so safely. 


Sharrows have been implemented by the city along public roadways for the past five years, and they can now be seen along Oak Park Boulevard, Putnam Boulevard, Patterson Boulevard, Boyd Road, Cleveland Road, Crescent Plaza, North Main Street, Monument Boulevard, Woodsworth Lane, and Golf Club Road.