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Our Community Focus

College Park High School Principal

Jun 26, 2017 05:14PM ● By Joe Alvarez

Dearest Falcon Community

By Joseph G. Alvarez

I am continually in awe of the tremendous contributions from our College Park community in their support of our students, staff, and families.

There have been so many people whose support has made a huge difference in our ability to build and sustain our special Falcon community – on campus and off. I’d like to offer special thanks to people like Kelly St. Germain, who updates our website; Kendra Phair, who sends out our weekly Falcon Flyer; and our fantastic booster clubs who get behind and support our new initiatives and continued efforts. Our Parent Teacher Student Association is so generous in their support of our classrooms, with energy, ideas, actions, and funding. Our school site council has been essential throughout the year in helping guide decision-making about funding, budgeting, and policy that is in the best interest of all students.

I’d also like to thank the incredible, dedicated, and hard-working CPHS staff – teachers, support staff, teachers’ aides, custodians, technology personnel, and campus supervisors. Their dedication to all of our students and each other means we really have made College Park High School a destination school for teaching, learning, and success as well as a place where employees are valued and appreciated.

We are losing a few campus Falcons to retirement this year, which is bittersweet as these employees have contributed so much to our students, their families, and our campus life. To Mrs. Sheila Welsh, Ms. Denise Saldavar, Mr. Peter Weiss, and Mr. Jim Runyan, we salute you and thank you for many years in education and your efforts at educating our youth and future of tomorrow.

As I delivered my graduation speech to this year’s class of 2017, I commented on how our future is bright and how I see a class that has shown perseverance, tenacity, and overall grit. We have great students who are solidly on a path to becoming capable, compassionate, creative, and collaborative future leaders. I told students to “do what makes YOU great,” as success is unique for each of us. I want students to remember that as they venture out as young adults, life will sometimes be uncomfortable, uncertain, and maybe even scary, but it’s okay to make mistakes. This is how we all learn! We continue to pick ourselves up and trust our own voices and abilities. You don’t have to be fearless, but don’t let fear stop you. 

Our Falcon students will be spreading their wings and flying high and far next year. More than 440 of our seniors will be attending college in the fall, and others will make decisions over the summer about future academic and career training plans. Here’s where they’ll be landing:

·      University of California (UC) campuses - 38

·      California State University (CSU) campuses - 99

·      Independent or private California campuses - 23

·      Out-of-state public campuses - 24

·      Out-of-state independent or private campuses - 11

·      International universities - 1 (University of the West of England)

·      Diablo Valley College (DVC) - 216

·      Other California community colleges - 24

·      Out-of-state community colleges - 2

·      Trade, career, or vocational institutions – 6

·      Enlisting in the armed services – 13

Additionally, we have students who plan to jump immediately into the workforce; others will pursue apprenticeships. Still others are preparing to embark upon church missionary work.  Whatever the plan, they leave College Park prepared for adventure and learning.

As I close, I’d like to say that my first year here with you has been filled with wonderful surprises and learning experiences.  I have been so impressed and grateful for the strong sense of community on campus that has reached out to our families, neighbors, and community partners. For my second year, I’ll be going in with hope and optimism and purpose, with expectations that will translate into action plans. I know one constant remains, and that’s you. We have the best students and community around, and I thank you for being part of that. 

First day of school is August 22 – we’ll see you then!