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Small Talk with Teri

Jun 24, 2017 09:04PM ● By Teri Norbye

Meet Dan Ashley

By Teri Norbye

Meet Dan Ashley, who lives in Walnut Creek with his wife. They have two grown children. Dan has been an anchorman for ABC-7 News (on KGO-TV) since 1995. He’s also the lead vocalist in a rock band called PUSH. “Singing has become a great joy and a chance to connect with viewers in a new way. PUSH is playing a lot these days; the Alameda County Fair is coming up!”

Which news story has affected you the most? There have been many, but a few spring immediately to mind. Reporting from Columbine High School the evening of the shootings and in the days afterward, and riding out the massive Hurricane Hugo that hit Charleston, South Carolina, convinced we would be killed.

Best and hardest parts of the job? The best part is the chance to report what’s happening in the community and to be a part of the community in such a unique way. I am always grateful when people come up to say hello. The worst part is the long hours: ten, twelve, fourteen hours every day.

Plans for the Fourth of July? Put the flag up at my house. I usually emcee a local parade then go to work.