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Measure D Pavement Repair

May 29, 2017 09:56PM ● By Jennifer Neys

Measure D Pavement Repair

Although the city's full annual allotment of Measure D funds will not be received until July 2018, the city is now taking steps to integrate this new funding source into its ongoing paving program. At their April 19 meeting, the city council authorized the purchase of additional street maintenance equipment. This purchase, when combined with the incremental advances of Measure D funding, will allow city crews to increase their pothole and minor street repair activities. Residents and business owners should begin to see some of these improvements early this summer. 

Additionally, the city council adopted the Measure D Street Selection Policy and subsequently established the Measure D Citizens’ Oversight Committee, appointing Stephen Fretz, Peter Kappelhof, Satinder Malhi, and Marta Van Loan. This committee will meet at least once per year to provide enhanced accountability and ensure the proceeds from Measure D are only used for authorized purposes. For additional information about Measure D, please contact Rica Guidry, executive assistant to the city manager, at (925) 372-3505.