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May Martinez Mayor's Message

May 01, 2017 08:06PM ● By Rob Schroder

Rob Schroder, Mayor of Martinez

Mayor Rob Schroder 

Do you ever wonder why that street was paved and not this one, or why this got done and not that? How does a city choose which projects to  complete and which ones have to wait? 

Most city councils like Martinez’ develop a strategic plan. This vehicle sets a path for the future,  prioritizes services and allocates resources. It informs the community about city services, needs, priorities and the capacity of the organization. A strategic plan provides a framework for  budgetary decisions and helps focus our limited finances and staff.

Martinez started this process with a study session on January 25.  We discussed the various council subcommittees and their responsibilities  and then reviewed the draft five-year financial forecast and current vision, mission statement and goals.

At the second study session, held on February 25, the vision, mission and goal statements were amended and finalized. Here are the final versions:

·      Vision Statement: Martinez is an inclusive, family-oriented, safe community with small town waterfront character and diverse neighborhoods, complemented by plentiful parks and open space. Martinez has an historic downtown with a legacy of culture and the arts that fosters a vibrant and sustainable economy and strives for a well maintained infrastructure and a responsive, high performing government. 

·      Mission Statement: The City of Martinez will provide efficient and sustainable, responsive, high performing public services and well maintained public facilities that enhance the safety and livability of the community and supports fiscal stability and a healthy local economy through business development.

·      Goal Categories: Sustainable Fiscal Health; Infrastructure Improvements; Safe Community; Economic Health; High Performing Government; Enhanced Quality of Life.

I am sure that these three statements sound very esoteric and not very realistic. They did to me until I really thought about what they are saying. These three statements lay the foundation for the city council and city staff to build a budget, set priorities, allocate resources, and provide municipal services to its residents.  From these statements, we developed the following top action items for the next two-year budget:

Complete the Marina Master Plan; Implement Measure D (1/2 cent sales tax for roads and streets) ; Develop and implement a Community and Economic Development Department; Continue to implement Homeless Initiative; Adopt the Project Stabiliztion Agreement (PSA); Complete and adopt the Martinez Master Plan; Add a crime analyst position to the police department; Continue the Alhambra Hills acquisition negotiations; Enhance the Martinez community image. 

These are all Tier 1 items and considered the highest priorities of the city council. There are dozens of other action items on the city council “wish list” which have been placed in either Tier 2 or Tier 3. Unfortunately, there are not enough resources to complete everthing we would like to complete.

The city council will be reviewing the action items on all tiers several times each year and may make changes in priorities as we move forward and/or additional resources become available.

If you would like to review these documents in more detail, you can find them on the city’s website: