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A Spin on DIY

Apr 02, 2017 08:47AM ● By Rebecca Seidenspinner

Frugal Laundry Room Re-Do

By Rebecca Seidenspinner

Have you ever heard the saying, “Love grows best in small houses”? While I am not sure if this saying is exactly true, I do know that laundry multiplies quickly in a small house, and without a lot of space it can be very overwhelming. My laundry area happens to be in my kitchen. This is far better than downstairs in the basement, but when I have guests over they can see all of my clean or dirty laundry. I decided to freshen up my laundry area and turn it into a stylish space that is both fabulous and functional.

I set a budget of one hundred dollars. I started at Home Depot to pick out a paint color. I fell in love with Shark Fin Grey by Behr in eggshell. Eggshell paint isn’t flat or shiny; it’s in between and wipes clean easily. I also bought a piece of wood to use for a painted laundry sign and an industrial style farmhouse light. I chose the color grey because it is neutral, and one day in the future when I remodel my dream kitchen, it will have white cabinets, concrete countertops, and subway tile. It will match perfectly with my new and improved laundry area. I moved the washer and dryer away from the wall but didn’t even have to unplug them. The endless laundry continued while I taped and painted around the existing washer and dryer as it was washing and spinning away.

Painting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update a space in your home. The key to painting is in the prep. Using painter’s tape to tape the ceiling and edges of the walls leaves more room for mistakes. I painted the walls with two coats of paint and let it dry overnight before removing the painter’s tape. I painted the piece of wood white and then used my stencils to paint the word “Laundry” in black paint. This big wooden sign is going to be the focal point of my new laundry area.

I asked my husband to hang the farmhouse light. (He’s very handy at home improvement projects, but he never puts his dirty clothes in the laundry basket. I’m happy to do that in exchange for help with my projects.) Is it time to decorate yet? Almost. I went on an adventure to Target to purchase a rug, some steel laundry baskets, and a big Mason jar to hold my laundry pods. I bought a few hooks at Hobby Lobby a while ago to hang up my undergarments and attached them to an old piece of a pallet that I had outside in the garden. I added a plant and a steel basket on the windowsill. On my way out of Target, a tiny voice in my head told me to check out Home Goods, so I headed over and found a “mudroom” box. The small laundry area in my kitchen also doubles as a mudroom. The back door exits to the garden, the chicken coop, and the yard for the big dog to play. This mudroom box is perfect for my boots.

My favorite part of any project is adding all of my final decorative touches. I added a stool that I had on my porch next to the washer. I will sit on this stool to take off my muddy boots after feeding the chickens and locking them up at night. I found a rooster hook at Hobby Lobby to hang my egg apron on right next to the door. This space is now clean, cute, and functional for this farm girl.


Paint: $24.99

Rug: $9.98

3 Baskets $24.00

Large Mason jar: $12.99

Cement planter and plant: $8.99

Wood for laundry sign: $10.00

Farmhouse industrial light: $30.00

Mudroom box: $14.99

TOTAL: $135.95

Oops. I went a bit over on my budget. But this is now my favorite space in the home. Here is a homemade recipe for a laundry spray that we use on our towels and sheets. It smells wonderful and clean.

Lavender Spray

2 cups distilled water

4 ounces of rubbing alcohol

40 drops of lavender essential oil

Add ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake before using