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Small Talk with Teri

Feb 27, 2017 02:29PM ● By Teri Norbye

Yau Man Chan

Meet Yau Man Chan. He lives in Martinez with Jennifer, his wife of 30 some years, and they have two daughters. He worked at UC Berkeley for 30 years and retired in 2013. He now works part-time at Seawood Photo, a camera store in San Rafael. Yau Man is well known for being on two seasons of the reality television series Survivor.


What was filming on Survivor like? There were cameramen filming 24/7, but they were not allowed to interact with us. In the beginning, I was self-conscious of the cameras. By the end of the week, if someone dissed one of us, we’d yell back at them forgetting the cameras were there. When the field producers interviewed all of us, each was taped for 40 minutes or more. When I watched it on TV, there was only five seconds of my interview.


One thing most people don’t know about you I like to eat and drink a lot of sugar. I put four packets of sugar in my coffee today.


What do you like to do for fun? I like photography and play table tennis, and my wife and I like to garden.