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Feb 27, 2017 02:21PM ● By Don And Norma Flaskerud

Norma Flaskerud

In a prior article, we reported that found Pleasant Hill to be the 2nd hottest zip code in the USA for home sales. Their determination was based on counting the number of online hits each listed property received and the speed with which properties sold. Scoring 2nd in the US has most likely caused the market to get hotter. The word is out! Our home sale inventory is lower than we have ever experienced in 30 years of selling real estate; as this article is written, there are six single family homes for sale in Pleasant Hill. Yes, houses have come on the market this year, but they’ve sold very fast (typically in 1-10 days market time), so the turnover keeps the inventory at record low levels while the demand remains very high!


Traditional thinking has been that the best time to sell a house is in late spring and early summer so families can get situated before school starts. However, research shows only 40% of homebuyers have school-age children, so the school calendar is not the driving force behind the best time to sell your house. More importantly, selling in winter or early spring turns out to be highly advantageous due to low inventory, which equates to less

competition. Buyers look at each house that comes on the market, and multiple offers put upward pressure on sales prices -- all good for a seller. The opportunity to sell a home that needs work or is in less than an

ideal location is better in a low inventory market. Two things will cool this sizzling hot seller’s market: increasing inventory and increasing interest rates, both of which are sure to happen as the year goes on. In conclusion, now is the ideal time to sell!


In addition to rating Pleasant Hill’s 94523 zip code as the second hottest real estate market in the country, has created a “Healthiest Housing Markets” survey and has rated towns in each state and

across the country. They rate towns based on stability, risk, ease of sale and affordability. Affordability accounts for 40% of the index, while the other three factors count for 20% each. In 2017, Pleasant Hill ranks #5 in the State of California, making buying here a smart and safe thing to do.


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