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Keeping Pitchers Healthy

Feb 27, 2017 02:01PM ● By Angel Borrelli

Photo by Vincent Jurgens

It’s not just the big-leaguers who are back in action. Baseball and softball players of all ages are taking the field. The Community Focus asked Angel Borrelli, an analytical sport kinesiologist in Pleasant Hill, to share some safeguards for pitchers to keep in mind while they prepare to take the mound.


Because I have been lucky to work with pitchers from an early age to their college years, I can share with you the seven habits that were instilled in them, which they follow to this day. It’s been said that success has its own formula, so why not follow the habits of already successful pitchers?


1) Always warm-up the arm for throwing or pitching with an extensive, complete, and scientifically sound resistance band program before you pick-up a ball.


2) Always recover your arm from throwing or pitching with a complete and scientifically sound resistance band program that is designed to enhance recovery of musculature in a way that reflects an understanding of the demands of the pitching motion.


3) Never pitch with a fatigued arm.


4) Always follow recovery guidelines for the pitch count in your previous appearance before pitching again.


5) Always do at least one bullpen between starts on the day your recovery is completed, and throw only the number of pitches allowed for the recovery days available before your next start.


6) Train throughout the year with workouts designed for pitchers. Cycle your training to accommodate the season, and make sure your upper back/rear shoulders and triceps are a priority throughout the year. Respect your body, and get on top of soreness or pain immediately when it occurs.


7) Respect the skill of pitching; be grateful for the gift you have been given, and commit right now to developing it and never being lazy about that commitment.


Following these suggestions can give you what every pitcher needs: a system that you repeat consistently to keep you organized and on point. You will be more available for the job at hand when you are on the mound knowing that you have handled the smaller details that contribute to your greatness.


Keeping pitchers safe…one pitcher at a time.


Angel Borrelli, M.A., CSCS, USAW, Analytical Sport Kinesiologist and owner of GymScience Sport Performance, located in Pleasant Hill. 925-687-1977, [email protected]. Angel has extensive knowledge and experience working with youth of all ages as well as professional pitchers. To learn more, visit



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