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A Spin on DIY

Feb 27, 2017 01:42PM ● By Rebecca Seidenspinner
Rebecca Seidenspinner

 The weather has been rainy and cold, and this puts a damper on my motivation to make crafts. I can’t spray paint inside, and it’s too muddy to work in the garden. I’m ready for cut off jeans and sunshine.


I do my best to help the earth and conserve water, and during the most recent drought I fell in love with succulents and cacti. Succulents are low maintenance plants that have recently started to bloom in popularity. They are used in bridal bouquets and home décor, and they make great hostess gifts. The best part is that succulents are drought resistant and require barely any work. They come in so many varieties and colors and are the most self-sufficient plants. I might forget to water my succulents on occasion or neglect them with my other priorities, and they are so forgiving. 

Succulents look great in a vase, on a windowsill, or gently planted in one of your grandmother’s 

 old teacups. A pot of overflowing succulents on your porch is easy to maintain and looks amazing. This is a plant that will last a long time, and you can continue to propagate from the main part of the plant. Yes, I did have to Google propagate. In DIY language, propagate means to pluck off a piece of the plant and put the clipping into the dirt where it will grow into a new plant! Easy peasy.


 A cactus is also a prickly but bright and beautiful plant. It reminds us of warmer weather, sunshine and the desert. If you never remember to water your cacti all summer, it will still bask in the sun and burst with prickly goodness.  It will continue to look sharp. My favorite places to find succulents are in my neighbor’s garden and at Home Depot. Pictured are a few of my favorite succulents and cacti that decorate my home and garden.