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A Spin on DIY

Jan 29, 2017 09:28PM ● By Rebecca Seidenspinner
Rebecca Seidenspinner

 I have a secret crush on Valentine’s Day, and it’s not because I love flowers and chocolates. It is the perfect opportunity to create something special and share it with someone you love. I love crafts, but most of all I enjoy sharing goodies and treats with others. A small gesture may bring a smile to their day and show my love and appreciation for them. Here are a few inexpensive projects that your friends and family will adore.


I’m obsessed with decorative pillows in all shapes, textures, and sizes. I found solid white and red pillow covers at IKEA for only $4 each, and the down inserts cost just $5. When painted, these pillows make the perfect gifts for the sweethearts on my Valentine list. I started by lining the inside of the pillow with newspaper so the paint would not bleed through. I dipped a cookie cutter in acrylic paint (on a paper plate) to create the perfect heart on the pillow, and then used a paintbrush to add a little paint to the inside of the heart. Tip: When you dip the cookie cutter in the paint, test it on paper a few times before transferring to the pillow to make sure all the edges are covered. I find myself holding my breath each time because I am so nervous I might mess up! I painted a big red heart on one pillow and let my daughter paint a few as gifts for her grandparents. These are treasures you can bring out every year for decoration!

 A Mason jar makes a great vase for giving flowers to a friend or your child’s teacher. I fancied up my Mason jars with a small amount of Modge Podge and heart-themed tissue paper I found in the gift-wrap section at Wal-Mart for $1.99. First, cover the jar with Modge Podge using a paintbrush. Cut the tissue paper into small squares and stick them on the jar until it’s covered. Paint a second layer of Modge Podge over the top of the tissue. Tip: Modge Podge will dry clear, so don’t worry if it looks messy. These heart-covered Mason jars can hold flowers, chocolates, or any kind of treat for your Valentine. I’m crazy about them!


Who else remembers bringing a shoebox to elementary school on Valentine’s Day to make a mailbox to hold their Valentine’s cards? I would decorate my shoebox with stickers and glitter, and it was so amazing! I loved delivering my Valentine cards just as much as sorting through them at the end of the school day. Now I like to surprise my kids with a heart-shaped sandwich inside their lunchbox or a note that says, “From your secret admirer.” These are lovely ways to make them smile. I have chosen some free printable Valentine cards from Pinterest. These creative and unique little treats paired with a clever saying are sure to be the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for your little cuties. All of these printables can be found on my Pinterest board called “Heart” under the username Rebecca Seidenspinner. Follow me on Pinterest to see all the cute crafts on my DIY list. Sending you all Xs and Os.