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Walnut Creek Election Results and Oath of Office

Dec 30, 2016 10:45AM ● By Jennifer Neys

City Council Election Results

Loella Haskew

Kevin Wilk

Justin Wedel 

City Council Oath of Office

Three city council members took the oath of office at the December 6 city council meeting: Kevin Wilk, Loella Haskew, and Justin Wedel. Kevin Wilk, the newly elected city councilmember, spoke to the audience about his pride in the city but also addressed it’s future challenges. “Walnut Creek is a jewel of the Bay Area,” he said. “We have to balance the desires of the long time residents along with the needs of the people who want to work or live here now. There are going to be some immediate areas that are going to need to be addressed, including the homeless situation and the ramifications of legalizing marijuana. I’d also like to see what we can do to bring new corporate high tech jobs to Walnut Creek so that our children have career opportunities to come back to after college. I’d like to see Wi-Fi in our downtown and parks; we should continue to be on the cutting edge of technology leadership for the future. I look forward to being part of the foundation to keep Walnut Creek the great community for the next generation and beyond,” he stated.

 Carlston Selected as Mayor

Rich Carlston was selected as the next mayor of Walnut Creek. In his remarks, Carlston expressed his appreciation for the work that former councilmember Bob Simmons had done for the betterment of the city. “He’s been a champion for green technology, for the environment, for the trails and open space. He has always been a very thoughtful and delightful person to work with.” He also noted the diversity of the city council and its most pressing problems. “One thing I’m committed to is to recognize the strength of that diversity and ensure that all opinions are discussed thoroughly and then decisions can be made. Through diversity of opinion you make better decisions. Our number one challenge right now is the replacement of a city manager. Also, we continue to have a shortage of housing for our workforce.” Carlston also mentioned parking as an important issue along with the clogged roadways and city’s greenhouse footprint.