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December Swearing in of Martinez City Officials

Dec 28, 2016 07:34PM ● By Jennifer Neys

Swearing in of City Officials

Swearing in of elected Martinez city officials took place at the December 7 city council meeting. Deputy City Clerk Mercy Cabral swore in re-elected City Clerk Richard Hernandez. City Clerk Hernandez swore in re-elected City Treasurer Carolyn Robinson, newly elected Councilmember Noralea Gipner and re-elected Councilmember Mark Ross. Councilmember Debbie McKillop will be vice mayor.

Newly elected Councilmember Noralea Gipner took her seat on the dais after her swearing in and said, “I decided to run for city council last year because I truly believed Martinez needed someone who would stand up for the common good. Someone who understands what WE want. Someone who is not afraid to ask questions and then go out there and find the answers.” As a newcomer on city council, she stated to the audience, “For the next many months, I’ll be reading a whole lot of manuals on many topics and will become extremely educated on how the city operates and who makes it operate, and I’m going to find out a way to teach you all the things I’ve learned to do. We have a lot of big jobs in front of us, starting with the general plan. We have roads to talk about, the downtown and the marina. What we require is unity and a common goal, and I think we have them both.” She urged everyone to regularly attend council meetings to find out what is really happening, not simply when there is a problem.