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December Martinez Mayor's Message

Nov 28, 2016 07:02PM ● By Rob Schroder

Rob Schroder, Mayor of Martinez

The November elections are behind us now, and we can all exhale before taking another deep breath and forging on. We all have lots of work to do to bring this country together and move forward. I have a strong belief in our national, state, and local governmental process, and we all need to support that system. 

At the local level, the most recent campaigns for county, city, and regional issues were lively, to say the least. Most were civil, with an extensive debate of the issues at hand. Others became personal and nasty, with accusations being made from both sides.

I am very pleased that the race for the two seats on the Martinez City Council was an introduction of the candidates’ qualities, with a civil debate on the priorities for the city’s future. Longtime City Council Member Mark Ross was re-elected to a 5th term, and lifelong resident and small business owner Noralea Gipner was chosen for the seat vacated by Anamarie Avila Farias. I am looking forward to working with them along with incumbent Council Members Lara DeLaney and Debbi McKillop. On December 7 the council will reorganize, and Mark and Noralea will be sworn into office. Lara will be appointed as vice mayor, and I will make initial appointments to council subcommittees.

I would also like to congratulate my long-time friend and colleague Federal Glover on his re-election to the board of supervisors. I have known Federal since he was a city councilmember and mayor of Pittsburg and have served with him on Contra Costa Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) since 2002. 

The best news for me in this last election was the passage of Measure D, the ½ cent sales tax proposal to fix Martinez roads. Martinez voters agreed and saw the need to raise more revenue to accomplish this, and 71.35% of them voted in favor of the measure. It is expected that Measure D will generate over $2.1 million per year and triple our budget for paving and road repair.

I would like to publicly thank my colleagues Lara DeLaney and Mark Ross for their hard work in getting signs out and being public advocates of the measure. Thanks to our treasurer, Paul Abelson, for paying the bills and making the FPPC filings and also to Pete Sabine for developing and managing our social media campaign. This small group of people managed to get the word out to voters with a successful result that will improve the infrastructure of Martinez for the next 15 years.