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Holiday Crafting

Nov 27, 2016 01:40PM ● By Becky Coburn

By Rebecca Seidenspinner

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and with this favorite winter holiday comes the opportunity to decorate every inch of your home with garland, bows, twinkling lights, and jingle bells. If you are a Pinterest follower, then DIY crafts and holiday decorations are endless. Pinterest is a great way to find ideas and entertain yourself and your children with fun crafts. Here are a few DIY projects to dazzle your holiday guests and even impress the famous Santa Claus!

A new holiday trend that has popped up over the past few years is a family photo shoot that is styled beautifully for the perfect holiday card. Families are photographed in outdoor locations with festive colors and the perfect backdrop. This was our first year taking a family photo, and I knew I needed a photo prop that would send my pictures into the “out of this world” category. I decided on a wooden sign I could reuse after the photo shoot to hang over my fireplace as a focal point. I went to Home Depot and bought two wooden fence boards for $1.68 each. I asked the worker to make two cuts evenly on each board, and I had two small pieces left over. (I sometimes show the workers the photo of my craft project to help communicate my needs.) I used the two leftover pieces on the back and six screws to fasten the boards together. So easy! I painted the boards white with acrylic paint and used a set of stencils and a pencil to trace letters onto the boards. I painted the inside of the letters with red paint. Don’t worry if you mess up; you can sandpaper off any mistakes. This actually gives it an old rustic or farmhouse look, which is my favorite. This project cost me less than $10 to make, and I can’t wait to send out my holiday photo cards.

Mason jars have become really popular and are now used for so much more than storage containers. A Mason jar makes a great gift when used as a vase with flowers or a pre-measured holiday cookie mix. I had a bunch of mason jars left over from canning some strawberry jam last spring, so I thought I would make some Mason jar snow globes. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a bag of fake snow, some little figurines that go along with the Christmas village displays, and some miniature fake trees. My children each picked out a favorite figurine, but you could also use action figures, Lego men, or any type of little trinket or treasure. Using my hot glue gun, I glued items to the lid, put the jar over them, and screwed the lid on. I display them in a galvanized pet food tray from Wal-Mart that cost me $3.98. This project was super easy, with no mess!

I wanted to bring the outdoors inside by creating my own holiday cardholder with fresh greenery. I bought a medium-sized embroidery hoop at Michaels, a roll of twine, and some clothespins. With permission, I headed over to the neighbor’s yard to pick some greenery. I did buy one bunch of greens at the grocery store and clipped some fresh rosemary from my own garden. I wrapped the embroidery hoop with the twine and then wove the greenery around the edge of the hoop. It smells amazing and looks like a dream catcher! Double love! I can’t wait to add my holiday cards. This project was created from love and inspiration of the outdoors and cost under $10 to make.

Dress up your hot cocoa with delicious fixings and tasty toppings by creating a hot cocoa bar in your home. All you need is a few holiday mugs, a cute and inviting chalkboard sign, and the biggest jar of marshmallows! Beware: your kids will want to make hot cocoa every day after school. Don’t forget to stock the refrigerator with whipped cream, too!

Whether you take on a big DIY craft project or something small, handmade crafts are an inexpensive way to decorate your home. And, they sure are fun for all!