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Oct 06, 2016 11:57AM ● By Becky Coburn

By Dr. Armando Samaniego

Chief Medical Officer, STAT MED Urgent Care


When illness begins, chicken soup or Tylenol may offer comfort and the hope of uninterrupted daily routines.  However, not addressing persistent symptoms early may lead to extended downtime in the long run.  Certainly, persistent symptoms are not always a sign of a more serious medical issue, but as one presidential candidate can attest, powering through respiratory issues can lead to bronchitis or even pneumonia. Those who experience shingles often recall the initial painful rash.  It is best to seek medical attention as soon as signs of a potentially more serious illness emerge.

Here are the telltale signs for pneumonia and shingles, plus a bit of trivia, which may be of interest.

What do Rice Krispies have in common with pneumonia?   

·       A combination of a persistent productive cough (coughing up phlegm), chills, fever or feeling rundown may suggest bronchitis or even pneumonia.  Your physician will listen to your breathing for the presence of a crackling-like sound created by the pneumonia bacteria infection.  (Yes, sounds like milk pouring onto Rice Krispies). An x-ray may be ordered to view your lungs.

What do roofs have in common with shingles?

·       Shingles can appear as a red band-like skin rash that can burn as if touched by a hot iron and can be very painful if not caught early.  Shingles, coined for its horizontal shape like a roof shingle, or its ‘belt of fire,’ appears on either side of the body.  It is a reoccurrence of the chicken pox virus and may emerge during times of significant stress.

STAT MED Urgent Care provides expert care alongside an outstanding experience whether it’s for illness, injury, physicals or vaccines.  With ER trained physicians and onsite x-rays and labs, we strive to diagnose and treat you as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Learn more at or call 925-234-4447. Almost all insurance plans are accepted.


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