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As Russ Sees It

Aug 02, 2016 07:53PM ● By Becky Coburn

By Russell Carroll

Okay girls….gotta a question for you. What’s up with this new fad of pulling items out of your bra? I once watched a gal at the grocery store pull her wallet out of her bra to pay for her items. I was a bit taken back as this was not a small change pouch or a money clip. This was a full blown double fold, snap shut, knock-off designer wallet. After paying, she simply made the wallet disappear by stuffing it right back in there. I thought, wow, that’s pretty impressive. I had to wonder if it was uncomfortable for her. According to my observations, this new phenomenon is not a rarity, but more of a trend.

 I have always known the bra to be a device to hold what the good lord gave you, but it has apparently evolved into a storage compartment of sorts. The new generation’s answer to the fanny pack. In an airport line, I witnessed a gal in line in front of me remove from her bra both her passport and her boarding pass. Once the items had served their purpose, right back into her bra the items went. Later at the boarding gate, I watched another gal pull her cell phone and ear buds from her bra. I was waiting for her to produce a paperback novel, but thankfully that never happened. Now, I have to admit I have always been a bit enamored with the contents of a bra, but this latest trend has increased my interest considerably. I sat at the gate and witnessed several other women pulling “rabbits from their hats.” The activity is a bit like watching a novice magician. I wondered if sometime soon the bra will be considered carry-on luggage. After all, it appears that the garment has become luggage with straps. When preparing to board the plane, a young woman was digging through her bra for her boarding pass and produced a tube of Chap Stick and commented to the gate agent, “Oh there it is. I thought I had lost that.” I thought, wow, how long have you had that bra on? She was able to locate her boarding pass by simply switching her search to the other compartment.

Recently, while enjoying a beverage at a local restaurant, a young woman walked in and took her place at the bar. When the bartender asked for her ID I knew what would happen next. Yep… into her bra she went. Once settled in, she traded out her sunglasses for regular glasses. Glasses came out of her bra and sunglasses went in. Next appeared the cell phone and soon the wallet. Car keys came next.  I thought, are there separate storage compartments built into these things? It was like watching one of those clown cars where things just keep pouring out. She soon produced a pen and then asked the bartender for a piece of scratch paper. What? She couldn’t fit a piece of paper in there? She must have forgotten to pack the paper. I was waiting for her to produce an iPad, but it never happened.  Now my mind is racing… do you have to buy a bigger size to store all your miscellaneous items?

So, I must say ladies, I find this new “fashion” rather intriguing. It’s both clever and fun to watch, and I can’t wait to see what you produce out of there next. The old fashion purse is soon to become obsolete. Hopefully, the male race will never follow suit. We don’t need any additional reasons to be digging around in our underwear. But… that’s just how I see it.

Russell Carroll can be reached at [email protected]