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CCWD Expresses Thanks

Jul 31, 2016 08:06PM ● By Jennifer Neys

CCWD Expresses Thanks

Contra Costa Water District Board Vice President John Burgh expressed his thanks to the Martinez residents for their water conservation during the drought crisis. Although people were asked to conserve water use by 25%, Martinez residents went even further. “People just wildly overly achieved! People responded wonderfully and we ended up with something where everyone has benefitted throughout the drought,” he said. Martinez customers slashed water use by 34% through May with new records set in water conservation programs. Conservation kept water banked in Los Vaqueros for this year.

Vice President Burgh also spoke about the possibility to expand Los Vaqueros reservoir to 275,000 acre feet by having other water agencies pay for it so we all can benefit. Conservation services continue: lawn to garden conversion program and the high-efficiency clothes washer incentive. The next Lose the Lawn, Get a Garden workshop is on August 6 from 9am to 12pm at the Water District. Visit for more information.