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Capital Improvement Plan and Street Resurfacing

Jun 27, 2016 01:33PM ● By Jennifer Neys

More Street Resurfacing Funding

City Engineer Mario Moreno made a presentation to council on the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and spoke of the 15.6 million dollars in needed expenditures. Funding sources currently come from grant funds (7.4 mil), local funds (5.0 mil) and an additional $3 million is needed from the city’s general fund in order to balance the budget. Most pressing needs consist of maintenance projects (infrastructure, storm drains, creek and street maintenance), improvement projects (upgrade sidewalks, citywide bridge maintenance and upgrades) and grant projects (Boyd Road and Elinora Drive sidewalk improvement and the Contra Costa Blvd. improvement project). The city council approved the $3 million in general funds to go toward the CIP and street resurfacing in order to balance the budget. 

What is Your Street’s PCI?

The city engineer spoke to city council on the condition of the city’s streets and the need to maintain a high PCI (Pavement Condition Index). Street resurfacing is completed in zones, and there are 24 residential zones in Pleasant Hill. Normally, one residential zone is completed every budget cycle, but with the additional funding the idea is to complete more. Each zone has an average PCI.  “We try to address specific zones we believe are in the worst condition, which means we are trying to capture it before it becomes too expensive,” said Moreno. Currently some of the worst zones are in the Poet’s Corner neighborhood and neighborhoods west of Paso Nogal. To see where your neighborhood falls within the PCI, click here.